Roof Problems Caused by Moss and Algae


Moss can be a significant benefactor to the environment. Moss helps prevent erosion, holds moisture for plants, provides nutrients to beneficial bacteria and organisms, etc; however, when talking about moss growing on the roof of a building or home, those benefits become considerable long-term problems.  Moss Roots Under Shingles Roots are what cause most, if […]

What Happens When Your Roof Starts Aging

scraping shingles off roof

Even if you take great care of your roof, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Even during beautifully sunny days where there aren’t factors such as hail and high winds terrorizing the shingles on your roof, the effects of aging are constantly wearing the shingles down.  There are a majority of signs that your roof is aging […]

How Hail Damages Roofs

hailstones on ground

Hail can be a big detriment to anything that it comes into contact with. Even during lighter hailstorms where the hailstones aren’t as big or come down as heavy, there can still be considerable damage done. How can you tell if your roof was damaged by hail? You always want to consider your own safety, […]

Types of Storm Damage to Roofs

Distant Thunderstorm

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for the possible damage that spring storms could cause to your roof. High winds and hail are usually the most common culprits when it comes to storm damage. Healthy shingles make it possible for rain and debris to roll off the surface of the […]

Roof Maintenance Tips

Inspecting Roof for Damage

When talking about building a house, we often hear the term “start with a strong foundation.” This statement is very true, especially considering many of us use this saying in many aspects of life, not just in regard to a house. With all this focus on the foundation, it’s no wonder that many of us […]