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General Maintenance Tips for Your Deck

When the weather gets warmer and you have a deck, chances are that you’ll spend quite a bit of time on it. Adding deck maintenance to your spring chores should be a priority if that is true, especially if you have a standard wood deck. 

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Cleaning Your Deck

Once or maybe twice a year, you should consider giving your deck a deep clean. Dirt can easily buildup on the surface of the wood and even in the cracks between the boards of your deck. Using a hose with a spray nozzle or even creating more pressure by putting your thumb over the end of the hose, could be enough pressure to loosen all that built up dirt and grime. This is a simple way to keep your deck free of anything that could shorten the lifespan of whatever stain, paint, or sealant that is on your deck’s surface. Power washing your deck is also a viable and popular option for the same reasons; however, power washing can easily be done incorrectly and blow the stain or paint on the surface of your deck completely off. Also consider that even using a hose to wash your deck too often could cause stain or paint to chip and peel off. 

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Damaging Your Deck

While washing your deck during your spring cleaning, it is also a great opportunity to inspect your deck for any damage. Checking for loose or splintered boards, protruding nails, or even damage such as erosion or rotting should be done once or twice a year. Staying in the routine of paying attention for these possible problems, could help improve the longevity of your deck.

Something that could be passively causing damage to your deck are rugs. Depending on the material, certain rugs could hold moisture, promoting mold and mildew. Although tempting in certain situations, be mindful of what kinds of materials the rugs you keep outside are made of. Rugs made with synthetic fibers or recycled plastics tend to be the bet options if you are looking to add rugs to your deck’s décor. 

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