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Help Redwood & Heroic Hearts donate to local hospitals!

During the month of July, Redwood Remodeling is partnering with Heroic Hearts to donate unique hospital gowns to children in the La Porte Hospital and Franciscan Health in Michigan City!

Heroic Hearts strives to make children’s hospital stays enjoyable by adding a touch of fun in their uniquely designed hospital gowns. As a child, being in a hospital, regardless of how long, can be an intimidating and energy draining experience. Swapping the drab hospital gown for a superhero or princess gown adds a spark of joy to children by providing a sense of normalcy to their situation. Heroic Hearts provides the opportunity for a child to feel so much bigger. After all, everyone feels at least a little empowered when they get to wear a cape!

For every roof, deck, bathroom, or kitchen remodel contracted with Redwood during the month of July, Redwood will donate a Heroic Hearts gown to either the La Porte Hospital or Franciscan Health in Michigan City.Redwood thrives on working with its customers to assure optimal satisfaction with the finished product. As a small business in Northwest Indiana, there is a true desire to serve friends, family and neighbors. Because of these values, Redwood is ecstatic for the chance to help children within our community feel more comfortable and empowered during their hospital stays!

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