hailstones on ground

How Hail Damages Roofs

Hail can be a big detriment to anything that it comes into contact with. Even during lighter hailstorms where the hailstones aren’t as big or come down as heavy, there can still be considerable damage done.

hail dents in car

How can you tell if your roof was damaged by hail?

You always want to consider your own safety, so it is best to have a professional do an inspection on your roof if you are having concerns. There are some factors, however, that you can pay attention to on the ground level that may indicate possible damage to your roof. 

If you see that your outdoor plants have holes in the leaves and are practically shredded after a storm, this could be a possible indicator of hail damage to your roof. If something as small as the leaf on a plant gets pulverized, think of how much of an onslaught of hail that your roof endures. Considering your roof is exponentially larger than a leaf, that larger square footage results in being hit thousands or millions of more times. 

Dents are another huge indicator that hail could have damaged your roof. Hailstones vary quite drastically in size. During some hailstorms the hailstones could be smaller than a dime, whereas other times, hailstones could be the size of golf balls. Sometimes, regardless of the size, hail can leave dents or similar forms of damage in things as sturdy as our vehicles. If a hailstorm is strong enough to leave dents on the surface of your vehicle, imagine what it can do to the shingles on your roof. 

hailstones in grass

What does hail damage actually do to your roof?

There can be immediate and long-term damage that is caused by hail. If the hail is destructive enough, the immediate damage could be as substantial as chipping chunks of your shingles off. Long-term damage can come from the water that collects in the holes and divots that are caused by the initial hit of the hailstones. The water can erode those spots in the shingles, making the holes larger to the point that the shingle is compromised. Once the shingle is compromised, it can’t protect your roof, which protects the rest of the contents in your home.

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