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Benefits of Having a Deck

Aesthetic and Monetary Value of a Deck

The best part about building a deck is that you’ll get your money back. By building a deck, even a smaller one, the value of your home will go up. There will also be added curb appeal. Not only will your home have higher value but having a deck can make your house look nicer as well. If selling your home is a possibility, that added curb appeal could also help to sell your home more quickly. Making your largest lifetime investment more valuable is always a bonus, and adding a deck to your home is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Benefits of having a 
Deck with plants

Enjoying Your Deck

Monetary value aside, there are many benefits of having a deck. Regardless of size, even smaller decks can give you additional square footage that can provide space for outside activities, as well as provide a place to socialize. For some, having a deck big enough for somewhere to sit and watch nature or maybe read a book is more than plenty for their purposes. For others, however, having a place where people can socialize and not romp around the inside of their home is enough reason to consider building a deck. If you have a pool, a deck can give you much more enjoyable access; not to mention, giving you a better and more accessible way to keep an eye on the kids.

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Decks are Relatively Low Maintenance

Considering how many benefits and the kind of enjoyment you can get out of having a deck; they are also relatively low maintenance. Generally speaking, decks only require maintenance about once a year. The yearly maintenance can easily be included in your spring cleaning tasks, like when you’re bringing out your furniture or plants to enjoy the warm weather to come. Checking for loose nails, damaged boards, and sweeping off any built-up debris such as sticks and leaves is just about the extent of effort you’ll have to regularly put towards maintaining your deck. Every couple of years, however, your deck will require a little more love with a fresh coat of stain. Sealing and/or staining your deck is key to making sure it not only lasts a long time, but makes it look nice too. 

There are a few large investments that just about all of us make during our lifetimes. Our homes are most likely the most valuable out of all of them. And in terms of getting the most out of that investment, a deck is a great feature that not only adds value to your home but long-term enjoyment. 

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