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Patching Storm Damaged Roof

A business thrives on its customers, which is why we take pride in providing the best service possible for everyone we work with. The most important aspect of getting business for us here at Redwood is being sure we’re present for any and all appointments for possible jobs that we schedule. 

That outlook on business was no different for one of our clients seeking roof repair services after a recent storm. Upon meeting with the client, there was obvious relief due to other contractors not showing up for the initial inspection meeting. Redwood was the first company to respond to their outreach. Once there, a video inspection of the damage was conducted. This is not only to have a reference and evidence of the damage, but also to show the homeowner exactly what is going on. In this case, the inspection revealed a tennis ball sized hole that went straight through their roof. 

hole in asphalt shingle roof

Getting calls for roof repairs due to recent storms is extremely common. This kind of damage was somewhat unusual, but because the hole went straight through the roof, the interior of the home was subject to further damage from any possible weather. Before deciding to choose Redwood for their roof repair, our team applied a patch to the hole that wouldn’t be permanent but would keep things out before being properly fixed. 

temporary roof patch

Due to the diligence and care taken in making sure this homeowner’s home would be protected, for the time being, Redwood was commissioned to do a proper roof repair. Our team arrived the next day to quickly repair the unusual damage, as well as any other storm damage that had occurred to the roof. 

We make sure that we show our appreciation for our customers in everything we do, from the first call to the finishing detail, and that is why we can say that you can count on Redwood for all your remodeling needs. 

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