Investor Services FAQ

Do you work with investors?

Yes, we work with investors of single-family homes, duplexes, and multi-family units. We also work with owners of one investor property or even owners of more than 50 investor properties.

What services do you provide?

Our services include upgrading rental units for landlords seeking to increase rent, improving the quality of the landlord’s tenant pool, and even reducing future maintenance. Rental unit can easily suffer from wear and tear, so we work with investors to bring life back into the property. You can find our full list of our Investor Services here.

Do you work with a rental and leasing management company?

Yes, we do! We have a partnership with Harbor and Lake Real Estate. You can check them out here

Do you work with vacant and occupied properties?

Yes, we work with a wide range of properties, including both vacant and occupied properties. 

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, we are both insured and bonded to further protect you as a client. 

Do you offer free quotes?

Here at Redwood, we offer free quotes, estimates, and inspections. 

Can you help coordinate multiple trades?

Yes, working with several licensed HVAC, electricians, and plumbers, we can coordinate subcontractors, whatever it takes to make sure the job is done proficiently. 

Do you manage new construction?

Unfortunately, we do not manage new construction. 

Do you help with code violations?

Yes, we make it a priority to make sure properties are staying within the guidelines of local ordinances. We can provide maintenance services, as well as coordinate and oversee further services in order to ease the client’s and investor’s minds by ensuring all these services are being scheduled and conducted in a manner that follows rules and regulations. Regardless of the regulations, that can sometimes seem challenging, Redwood can ensure properties are rehabilitated and maintained properly to avoid any possible fees or future violations. 

Do you help with tenant turnover?

Redwood understands that making sure a property is ready for the next tenant is imperative. The longer a property is vacant the more money an investor can lose on a day-to-day basis. We work diligently to provide quick turnaround times and work within client budget.