Investor Services

  • Code Violation Abatement: 
    Redwood takes pride in working within the Northwest Indiana community, so
    we make it a priority to make sure properties are staying within the guidelines of
    local ordinances. We can provide maintenance services, as well as coordinate
    and oversee further services in order to ease the client’s and investor’s mind by
    ensuring all these services are being scheduled and conducted in the manner
    that follows rules and regulations. Regardless of the regulations, that can
    sometimes seem challenging, Redwood can ensure properties are rehabilitated
    and maintained properly to avoid any possible fees or future violations.
  • Debris Removal:
    Interior and exterior debris can be unsightly and detrimental to the health of a
    home. Impacting the curb appeal, as well as promoting pest infestations and
    even mold, debris can be the leading cause of code violations, which is why
    Redwood understands the importance of quickly and efficiently removing any
    dangerous and possibly hazardous material. You can also have peace of mind
    knowing everything is done in compliance with local, state, and federal
  • Snow Removal: 
    Snow is to be expected in Northwest Indiana. We’re equipped to quickly and
    effectively remove the various amounts of snowfall that can accumulate. Safety is
    our main priority, so here at Redwood we will clear and salt all high traffic areas,
    such as sidewalks, driveways, and walkways.
  • Lawn Maintenance:
    Unkept lawns can quickly become unsightly and are one of the easiest to
    become code violations, resulting in fines. Redwood can arrange cutting
    schedules for what works for you, whether it be weekly or monthly or anytime in
    between. To give you peace of mind, we will also check the property for any
    securing issues during these times, as well as any other possible changes. In
    addition to standard lawn cutting, we can also provide weeding, edging, and
    trimming services. Redwood assures that the property will be left tidier when we
    leave than when we got there, cleaning and disposing of any clippings that were
    created during the lawn maintenance process.
  • New Tenant Preparation:
    Redwood understands that making sure a property is ready for the next tenant
    is imperative. The longer a property is vacant the more money an investor can
    lose on a day to day basis.  We work diligently to provide quick turnaround times
    and work within client budget.
  • Repairs & Rehabs:
    Redwood Remodeling can provide an extensive list of interior and
    exterior remodeling services to ensure properties are in their best possible
    shape.  We have the resources to coordinate specific trade services such as
    electrical, plumbing, and HVAC to alleviate the headache of making sure the
    work is completed in compliance to codes and regulations.
  • Securing & Lock Changes:
    Vacant properties can quickly become a melting pot of problems including
    safety hazards, eyesores, and most importantly, code violations. We’ll make sure
    the property is properly secured per investor guidelines, client instructions, and
    depending on what stage of the foreclosure process the property is in. Once
    secured, Redwood will maintain routine inspections to make sure the client is up
    to date on any possible changes that may occur.
  • Window Boarding & Replacement:
    Depending on the condition of the vacant property, windows may be damaged
    beyond repair and need to be replaced. In order to prevent future damage and
    possible vandalism while the property is vacant, we will take the necessary steps
    to remove any broken glass, board windows to provide protection and security,
    as well as replace entire windows when it comes time to market the property.
    Redwood will ensure that every step of the process is in accordance to
    specifications or guidelines to the client and investor.
  • Winterization:
    Not properly winterizing pipes can lead to catastrophic plumping problems like
    pipe bursts. In order to preemptively prevent frozen water lines, Redwood can
    conduct the necessary steps for winterization. Flushing water lines, pressure
    testing systems for leaks, and adding antifreeze to all bowls, tanks, drains, and
    traps are all parts of the process to ensure the pipes survive the winter. By
    affixing a tag to each fixture, we ensure you know exactly when the winterization
    was completed, as well as state that the fixture is not functional until it is properly