Real Estate Owned (REO) Services

  • Cleaning Services:
    Keeping a property clean on the inside is just as important as keeping a
    property visually appealing on the outside. Redwood offers extensive maid
    services that can ensure your properties will appeal to prospective buyers
    through a spotless presentation.

  • Debris Removal:
    Debris can lower a property’s curb appeal by being a visual eye-sore that can
    result in the property being harder to sell. We can safely and properly remove
    any trash, clutter, or debris that may be unappealing to prospective buyers. And if
    you have any items you don’t want disposed, we can store those items for you,
    per your request.

  • Snow Removal:
    Not properly and frequently clearing snow and ice can be dangerous for not
    only realtors and perspective buyers, but also for emergency personnel like first
    responders. Redwood can quickly and efficiently clear unwanted snow and ice
    from the property, making it safe for any and all visitors.

  • Flooring:
    Redwood works on a variety of flooring: hardwood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum,
    porcelain or ceramic tile, and carpet. We can restore existing floors or replace the
    old flooring with new.

  • Landscaping:
    Maintaining trees and bushes, can make a huge impact on the appearance of
    a property. We provide a number of landscaping services to sculpt and maintain
    your property’s landscaping that will improve curb appeal, which can attract
    potential buyers. We’ll even work with you to create a landscape design that will
    engage interested parties.

  • Painting:
    A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. New paint can provide a clean and
    finished look that can’t be achieved any other way. Working within the provided
    budget, we’ll work with you on everything from touch ups to completely repainting
    the interior and even exterior or your property.

  • Property Repairs & Rehabilitation:
    We provide a variety of renovation services that help bring properties up to
    code and also to the desired status of the property owner. If there isn’t a service
    we provide, we can coordinate and oversee that service to provide ease of mind
    to the property owner that everything is being completed according to local, state,
    and federal ordinance.

  • Securing:
    Redwood understands that properties can be huge investments, and it’s
    important to make sure those properties are safe and secure. We’ll make sure
    your property remains secure for those who are allowed access and those who
    aren’t. From securing all windows and doors to garages and pools, we’ll ensure
    everything is done according to regulatory standards as well as your specific

  • Windows & Doors:
    Windows and doors can be great functional aesthetic features to any building.
    We can repair and or replace the windows and doors on your property to give a
    fresh and appealing look to your property. We’ll work with you to choose the best
    windows and doors to fit your budget and design.

  • Winterization & De-Winterization:
    We understand that certain services and repairs can’t be performed without
    de-winterizing the property, so we can provide that service for the property
    owner. We can also winterize the property after the previous services are