Tile Backsplashes

Your kitchen and bathroom are the two places in your home that you’re most likely to deal with splashes, spills, and moisture in general, and backsplashes can make maintaining those accidents much easier. 

in progress kitchen remodel

Backsplash Aesthetic Functionality

Paint has come a long way and can withstand a variety of abuses. Regardless if the high level of durability, being paint, there will come a point in time where the paint is visibly duller or maybe even flaking. Having to wipe the wall down from hot oil splatters or scrubbing off toothpaste spots will eventually wear the paint on your kitchen and bathroom wall down. Having a backsplash can help more easily maintain a clean space while not having to worry about whether you’re wearing down the paint just from general maintenance. 

Not only will the backsplash tiles be easier to clean than a bare wall, they’ll last much longer. Because the tile lasts longer and doesn’t visibly wear down like paint might long-term, your space will stay looking brand new for much longer. Speaking of looks, a backsplash is a great way to add a striking design element to whatever space you decide to use one in, or you could decide to have a backsplash that blends in with the paint. Either way, backsplashes can easily add an aesthetic functionality to your space. 

remodeled kitchen with tile backsplash

Tile Backsplash Maintenance

Although a tile backsplash won’t wear off or dull like paint, the grout in between the tiles could potentially get grimy. The tiles in a backsplash are relatively easy to clean, regardless of the material used, but cleaning the grout lines can potentially be tedious. If cleaning the grout occasionally isn’t a problem, then having smaller tiles part of the design element of your kitchen or bathroom won’t be a problem.

The smaller the tiles, the more grout lines there will be to get dirty and clean. If the goal is to have a lower maintenance space, then having larger tiles for your backsplash will be the better option. It will minimize the number of grout lines there are, resulting in less cleaning when it comes time to brightening up those grout lines. 

Just like everything else in your home, backsplashes require at least a little maintenance. However, with their longevity and the added design element it can give to your kitchen or bathroom, the occasional cleaning it requires is rather minimal compared to the benefits. 

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