empty remodeled room

Working with Your Budget

Sometimes our budget isn’t as big as our dreams may be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a beautiful remodel done! There are so many materials and methods available for remodeling that we can guarantee there is something out there to make your remodel possible for you and your budget, within reason. 

Painting Older Floors is a Budget Friendly Option

painting hardwood floor

Getting close to reaching the budget limit, Redwood had to consider all the options in order to finish the flooring in this house remodel. Although it isn’t the most conventional option for hard wood flooring, painting the floorboards became a viable option. Painting would still seal the floorboards, preventing moisture or further damage from occurring to the floor. This is also a good option for older floors that won’t take to staining as well as newer floors do.

Budget Remodeling is Possible

partially painted hardwood floor

Using paint on the flooring was a great option to stay within budget and to also bring some color into the home. Painting hardwood floors may not be as common as staining today, but it can provide the same benefit as staining does. This is just one example of Redwood working with a homeowner’s budget to ensure a new and complete remodel is finished, despite the size of the budget. 

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